MySQL Cluster Transparent Data Encryption

With MySQL Cluster you can now from version 8.0.31 use transparent data encryption ( TDE ). Together with the encrypted backup feature it encrypts all data persisted on disk for tables that uses the Ndb storage engine in MySQL. This complements other already existing features that encrypts data at rest in MySQL. TDE encryption uses XTS-AES and is transparent to applications accessing the data via MySQL or directly using the C++ NdbAPI. The same application can run unmodified whether TDE is on or off. TDE is turned on by the administrator of the Ndb cluster and can not be turned off (or on) via MySQL, ClusterJ, or NdbAPI. Data in memory is not encrypted by TDE, make sure your operating system or virtualization environment does not copy memory to disk, like swapping, core dumps, and, suspend to disk. Ndb data nodes should be configured to lock their memory to RAM to avoid swapping, recommended also if TDE is not used. And measures are taken to avoid core dumps if a node stops u